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Gulis 2023

Hello to all new students and a warm welcome to TLK and your studies at Arcada!

Tekniska Läroverkets Kamratförbund r.f., or TLK, is the association for all engineering students at Arcada. TLK was founded in 1917 to promote camaraderie among students at Tekniska Läroverket in Helsinki, and is active to this day. TLK organizes many versatile events for its members and friendly associations, and we have several sub-clubs with more specific activities for those who are interested. A TLK member can be recognized by their dark blue overalls with the TLK logo in white on the back.

You are lucky ones to be able to start your studies 100% on campus together with all the other students this year! My name is Anton Doepel and I am TLK’s head of tutors in 2023. Together with the other tutors, we will help you during the beginning of your studies and student life.

What is a tutor?

The tutors are older students whose task is to help and support you in basically everything related to your studies and student life, as well as other questions and concerns you may have. The tutors can help with things like accommodation, Arcada’s tools and services, courses, events and the best way to handle lectures the day after. You will see the tutors on campus in blue t-shirts and overalls during the intro days and will see them at the latest when we come to introduce ourselves on 24.8. We will be visible and make sure you find us.

To keep in touch with your classmates & tutors and to get information about current events, we will create group chats for each class.

As an information channel, TLK uses Signal. Below is the link to download Signal, the class chats will be created in early August. The group also includes your major-specific tutors.

Do not hesitate to ask questions of the tutors, either in the chat or privately, they are always there for you. We have all started studying at some point and it can be difficult at the beginning to navigate through studies and student life. The tutors also have to uphold professional secrecy, so you can always talk to a tutor (or another TLKompis) if you have something on your mind.

I wish you all a really good start to your studies and look forward to meeting you all!

Anton Doepel, Head of tutors 2023
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Download Signal for android (Google play store)

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Signal Chats

TLK’s official Signal chat
TLK Chat

Energy- and Environmental Engineering
EMT 2023

Mechanical-  and Sustainable Engineering
MSE 2023

Information Technology (Information Analytics)
IA 2023

Material Technology and Sustainability
MTH 2023

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