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Gulis 2022

Hello all new students and welcome to TLK and the studies at Arcada!

Tekniska Läroverkets Kamratförbund r.f., TLK for short, is the association for the engineeringstudents at Arcada.
TLK was founded year 1917 to embrace friendship among students at Tekniska Läroverket i Helsingfors and it’s still operative today.
TLK organizes several events for its members and to for its friend-associations, while TLK’s sub-clubs organise more specific events for the ones interested. You can recognize a TLK member by the darkblue overall with TLK’s logo in white on the back.

Great that you get to start your studies on-site among all other students.
My name is Jakob Hahnsson and I am Head of Tutors in TLK.
Together with the other tutors we will support you through your start in the student life.

What is a tutor?

Tutors are older students whose goal is to help you with pretty much all tasks and questions you may have. Everything from housing, tools for school, parties & the student life and even help you install your washing machine.

We will present ourselves during the introduction day on the 24th of August.
Later during the introduction days you will find us in blue T-shirts and blue overalls.
You will not fail to see us.

In order to keep in touch with your classmates and tutors, as well as to receive information about what is happening, we have created group chats for every class.
TLK uses Signal as social media. Below this text you will find links to download Signal as well as links to your own class chat. In the groups are also your tutors.
Do not hesitate to ask questions to the tutors. Either in the chat or in private.
We have all begun our studies at some point, and we know how lost one can be in the beginning. The tutors have professional secrecy. Speak to your tutors or someone else if you have something bothering you.

I wish you all a great start in your studies and I wait to meet you all!

~Jakob Hahnsson, Head of Tutors 2022


Below you’ll find more information about TLK and its activities.
At the bottom you’ll find a link to download Signal and your respective class group chats and TLK Chat TLK uses for communication.
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Download Signal for android (Google play store)

Download Signal for IOS (Appstore)

Signal Chats

TLK’s official Signal chat
TLK Chat

Energy- and environmental engineering
EMT 2022

Mechanical-  and Sustainable Engineering
MSE 2022

Information Technology (Information Analytics)
IA 2022

Process- and materialteknik
PMT 2022

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